Getting Started in Boudoir

Everything from booking a model, dealing with a client prior to session as well as lighting including natural window light, Flash to look like a window, small flash, posing flow plus a short business series on making money.

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Learn flow posing for The Sofa, Chair & Bed as well as posing for a fuller figure.

Checkout the Posing and Lighting Boudoir 5-part series.

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Watch Mark live in the studio shooting a variety of boudoir basic sessions including an introduction to bridal boudoir, mimicking lingerie ads and his iconic white sheet portraits.

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See how to construct simple setups in the studio including a simple set, a small space set, a 3-sided studio, a hotel room look.

Its not just about building the set, you see Mark shooting in the studio in each setup.

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See how Mark uses the natural window light to create simple but dynamic boudoir portraits. He also covers how to manipulate the light with reflectors and studio flats.


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So once you master your basics you are going to want to develop ideas and your own concepts further.

Take a look at some ideas including in a small pool in the studio, fairy lights, shooting at the Café de Paris in London, plus taking influence from past masters of boudoir.

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Implied & Nude

So how do you move from a boudoir shoot to a more implied or nude boudoir series of images, well in this section you can see films that cover the transition as well as dedicated boudoir nude.

Take a look at the nude in the box, a concept that Mark demonstrated live at a convention that launched the use of a Hilite in a totally different way!


Link to Implied & Nude

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Headshots Finishing and styling the portrait
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