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The Female Posing Guide

 In this film Mark guides you through the basics of female posing for a standing pose with no props. Covers Full length & Three Quarter posing of Feet and hands along with body position to slim and to maximise body shape.

Shooting in Small Spaces with Simon Burfoot

In this film we are joined by Elinchrom influencer, Pentax and Loxley Colour Ambassador Simon Burfoot - The Light Doctor. Simon shows you how create stunning beauty images in a small space with the Elinchrom Octa soft box.


In this shoot, Mark set out to capture a variety of images for a client who may need imagery for their social media accounts. Mark maximizes his studio space by setting up several backgrounds in the same space and switching between the backgrounds throughout to capture images that would be perfect for the likes of Instagram.

Posing the Subject – Female

This film explores the secrets of posing the female as well as tips and tricks of a professional when just getting started or looking to take your portraits to a new level.

Posing the Subject - The Session

This film explores the secrets of posing the female and the variety taken during a model studio shoot.

In addition to tips and tricks of a professional in posing, we also see the flow of portraits to ensure the variety in a simple setup. When you’re just getting started its often difficult to know what to shoot as well as how to flow, this film will explain and demonstrate ideas using the images from 1 session.

Conceptual Portraits

Learn how to take awesome conceptual images. Using a combination of two lights and accessories see hoe simple it can be to create stunning conceptual portraits. This demo is all about bringing ideas into reality.

Female Portraiture - Shaping Light for Dynamic Imagery

In today's session Mark looks to keep things different without the cost becoming a huge issue. Within this three light setup Mark seeks to shape the light around his model to create unique & dynamic shadows in the studio. This is taken a step further later on in the shoot as Mark introduces a gelled light which when all lights fired together purposefully turns the shadows within the scene to a certain coloured light without dramatically affecting the light on his subject.

The ICONIC Marilyn Monroe styled PHOTOGRAPHY Shoot

In this shoot Mark takes inspiration from the ICONIC Marilyn Monroe in a shoot paying homage to the illustrious character in her very last photoshoot ever. Here Mark plans to capture that pure energy and create a real wow factor with his imagery through using the long white skirt to which blows and is caught in action at the perfect time. In this one Mark begins with the classic image, taking inspiration from the original image shot of Monroe.

Rock Chick Vogue with Lauren

Mark shoots alternative model Lauren in the studio, using a vogue inspired lighting set up, to produce a fantastic & punchy Rock chick session.

Shooting Fantasy Lingerie - Black Angel

In this film Mark Cleghorn looks at the Fantasy Lingerie shoot with the signature Black Angel style. Mark uses the Black Linguae, with the black wings, against the black background.H e delves into portfolio style shots in oppose to "The Shot" that would later be used on the models Instagram page.


In this film, Mark Cleghorn welcomes you to the 'Christmas Market', a shoot with Fairy lights and LED Light panels to create a complete Bokeh effect. The setup consists of a maze of fairy lights that wrap around the perimeter of the model (some in front, some behind). This will allow mark to shoot through the lights and also throw out the background to create a real depth within his final images. All images in this shoot are captured and presented straight from camera into Capture One via Tether Tools Cable from camera.

Portraits of a Lady

Learn how Mark goes through the flow of shooting a basic session on location as he guides a workshop group through this Little Black Dress portrait session at Cardiff’s beautiful city Museum.

The Vogue Session

Go behind the scenes with Academy Head Trainer Mark Cleghorn as he shoots a real-life client who’s come into the studio for a Vogue-style portrait session.

Classic Hollywood Session

Learn how to shoot Classic Hollywood-style portraits using continuous light in the studio. With simple styling, posing and well controlled light you can shoot great portraits using simple & cheap continuous lighting.

Black and White

Mark explains the setting up of the lighting as well as the exposure, the light position and how the basic 4 light setup is used for classic lighting patterns plus exploring the difference in the lighting techniques.

The walk or the steping through of the light is demonstrated to show the differance and were best to place the subject.

Ballerina Girl On Location

In this film we see Mark Cleghorn shooting on location with a more mature dancer at one of his favourite locations to demonstrate the simple variety that he shoots when working with a ballerina client.

360 Degree Portraits

In this film Mark Cleghorn explains how he uses a location, trying to use a complete a 360 degree area. Shooting with one of his models, Naomi, Mark explains the different areas and demonstrates the poses to suit the location plus all the camera setups and lighting.

Female Pose - Back 2 Basics

You get to see the simple way he instructs a subject, commenting on body position, weight distribution to hands and feet, which other photographers have refereed to as his remote control posing technique.

The Little Black Dress Session with Sandra

This session looks at a real client shoot with a more mature client.

The celebration shoot includes 3 changes of clothes and is a great way to learn session flow.

Lighting & Posing all come together in 2 parts.

The Little Black Dress Session with Carol

This session looks at a real client shoot with a fuller figure client.

The celebration shoot includes 3 changes of clothes and is a great way to learn session flow.

A definite how to in Lighting & Posing the fuller figure. 

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